Team TR20 offers you a chance to join the team for a day. Generally at a trackday to anyone who wants to improve lap times, improve confidence or be safer on the track or on the road. There is no age or experience limit, if you are able to listen and try to apply, you will see vast improvements.

Dillon began advising riders of all levels a few years ago, offering to share his knowledge of riding and racing to passionate like minded motorcycle enthusiasts.

To join the team for a day, we do ask for a donation towards our TR20 Superbike Race team in exchange for this day with us, to help the team towards their International adventures, please enquire for more information. *Email us for donation amount, booking or for more information & enquires

A typical training day with the team can involve but not limited to...

Being apart of the TR20 team camp for the day,

We discuss a bit about each other and gather background information, (your experience/history and job type)

You will get your bike set up, advice and tips to tune the bike as a rider.

We observe your riding around the race track and talk about any problem areas or issues you are personally not comfortable with and discus what we can see, and form a plan to improve these areas.

We advice on body position, visual aspects, braking markers, corner entry/mid/exit strategies, all to help towards building confidence within your self and with your bike, if your a racer we work on lines, pace and braking markers and more..

Tesimonials from riders about our training days..

Pat Wagner, Aprilia RSV4

“I did my first track day coaching session with Dillon and Jo in 2016.

I was expecting to maybe get a few pointers here and there but didn’t really expect to see any serious gains to be honest.

I was very much mistaken. Not only were both Dillon and Jo very friendly and helpful, they approached the whole day with total dedication. They went over every aspect of my bike, my setup, my riding ability and style with a fine toothed comb. The attention to detail was astonishing.

The other thing that surprised me was that at the same time, they were coaching a much faster more talented rider than me, and at no time was I overlooked or ignored. I received the same level of respect and attention the whole time.

After that first day, my lap times had come down by a whopping 6 seconds per lap, consistently. I was buzzing for about 3 days after that session.

I have since done another two track days with TR20 and continued to see noticeable improvement and confidence each time.

After good rubber, this is the absolute best way to get more out of yourself and your bike, hands down. And if there’s something about your bike or setup that’s slowing you down, they will find it immediately and either fix it on the spot, or give you sound advice on how to sort it out.

I’m looking forward to more sessions with TR20 to take advantage of the experience they have gained racing in Europe. Just do it. It’s a no-brainer.”

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