Misano Circuit Return Saw The Team Place 19th

Round 4 of the Championship saw a familia track for one, with returning to Misano World Circuit. This time the weather was very hot, being the middle of summer now in Europe and a vast heatwave to contend with as well as racing.

By now we have been to a few test days at the Misano race circuit, and doing so we increased our lap times, although so had everyone else in our class to. Qualifying this round in again 25th place, finishing the race in 19th position.. Finishing officially inside the top 20! What an amazing and massive achievement for this due team, this weekend saw their friends and fellow Aprilia RSV4 Rider Robert, Bente & Mikkel journey from Denmark to help during the weekend.

Q1 was hectic, during the first 4 laps Dillon could feel a chatter in the front, and almost lost the front a couple of time, lucky for long legs to pick the bike up to save it. We rocked the bike and the steering stem bearings were loose, so in 5 mins we had it at the pit garage, clip ons dropped, top triple clamp off, nuts tightened and everything back on a securely tightened for Dillon to return to Q1 with 8 mins remaining of the 20min qualifying our class gets.

Q2 saw an even better personal best time for us with a 1.41.20

The race again saw a great start for the team, but another red flag incident in turn one, Dillon only just missing the crashed bike sliding across the track from the inside corner, cause him to run wide and off track to rejoin at turn two safely.

The restart was again good until turn two, when two bikes collided and crashed in front of Dillon again, causing him to stand the bike up to avoid it and loosing valuable placings, which he was able to get claw back during the shortened 8 lap race. But the lead group he was hoping to tag onto to help him learn more of the track craft was long gone. We will again have to wait till next years to increase our lap times, but this is a great foundation we have laid with our small team and only limited track kms.

We have a further thanks to everyone,

and our newest sponsor Dentures Plus Ltd from Christchurch

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